Selasa, 26 Mei 2015

Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival 2015

With a bunch of new friends at Lotus Lantern Festival 2015! Thank you KTO for the opportunities!

Jogyesa Temple, near Jonggak Station which is situated in front of my intern office. 
On 16 May, KTO invited a number of foreigners to join the Lotus Lantern Festival. The programme started at 3pm by making of our own lantern.

Making my own lantern surely gave me a great new experience. 

My new Indonesian friend, Fairuz. 

After making the lantern, we were provided with vegetarian food consist of vegetable kimbab and fruits. 

We need to wait for everybody whose participate to assemble so we were allowed to walk around the temple. It is unique because we can see lots of peoples with their own costumes. Those who were not registered also were provided with free lanterns by the Jogyesa temple for the parade. 

Play role as the Queen and the King

I have no idea what is this costume.

Our E-group which consist of Malaysian (Me), two Indonesian, three American Vietnamese, one Dutch girl and a Bangladeshi couple with their cute son. This picture taken few minutes before the parade started.

With our kind KTO staff during the parade. 

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