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Seoul Friendship Fair

Since I need to start making friends here and started to crave for some meat I've decided to go to this festival. I came across to this event from Adilla, a student from Korea University that I've met while shopping in Daiso around Anam. Saw her with her headscarf I'm happily introduced myself to her. Add her in facebook and she then provide me with the details which is in Hangul. Yeah I did know a bit of it but I'm not an expert!  So I searched for the website with an English poster and went here with Hanun and Bazli.

Seoul Friendship Festival

This festival had been held every year since 1996. Marking its 19th anniversary it managed to invite over 60 countries to join this year. This event not only introduce the culture of each countries but also provide booths for NGOs that advocates aid for underdeveloped countries like Africa and some Southeast Asia countries like Cambodia.

Doing my masters in ASEAN studies made me learnt about many countries which made this visit become more interesting at certain way. Learning European Union introduced me with lines of European countries and African countries where at least I've heard their names before. Of course we need to have more information about Southeast Asia countries so I have a different view when I looked at Philippines booth and Indonesian booth. Then the so called bad Russia and sneaky China together with Turkey, the Middle East countries, India, Pakistan and more.  Even Ukraine have its own booth which surprised me.

Sate, teh tarik and Chicken Tandoori 

Malaysia's Booth

Most of the embassies have two type of booth one is for the culture which it provide with information of the countries, traditional costumes, traditional game and traditional music. Another one is the food stall where it offered few types of food from the origin countries. This is where the fun started and my own main target.

This Sate is not as good as Kajang. Still, I'm grateful for the meat.  

I should have bought the cheaper one that gave more chicken than this. My tips is to go around and survey the food first.

The show of the day, our popular teh tarik which attract crowds to the stall.

At 4pm some countries joined the parade and showed few minutes of cultural performances. It is interesting to watch many type of dances, traditional instruments and performances from many countries. If you're at Seoul during May, I did think coming to this kind of festival might be a very good option.

Nearest Attractions

Situated near the Seoul City Hall, one of the nearest attractions is the Cheonggyecheon Stream where you can have your food bought from the festival here.


City Hall Station (Subway Line 1,2) Exit 5.
Gwanghamun Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 5.
Jonggak Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 5.
Euljiro 1-ga Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 1 or 8.


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