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MISO Perfomance

28 April 2015

I was given two free tickets worth 50,000KRW by Korea Tourism Organization Malaysia (KTO) before coming to Seoul. Which is the price is almost RM180 and I would never imagine myself spending this much for a performance!

Here's the tip. Always keep yourself updated with offers and discounts at the KTO website. This is one of the best way to have a great time in Korea.


Miso is a Korean word means beautiful smile. It is a musical show that give us a peek look on the traditional performance with a bit touch of modern art performance.

The performance that I went to is MISO: Baebijang-jeonIt is a satirical novel representative of the Joseon era. It was written by an unknown writer during the Joseon dynasty which evokes laughter by alluding to the hypocrisy of the ruling class and human desires.

It provide an interesting story of a noble man that always hiding his true self that longing for another women. When the noble man need to transfer to Jeju Island, he promised his wife to never cheated on her. However due to the jealousy of the other nobles in the island, they tricked him to fall in love with one of the most famous Giseng on the island.

Not Suitable for Kids

For me it is an interesting performance with all the great dances and story line. However, personally I think the jokes is not suitable for kids. They have a lot of R-rated actions which can only be understand by adults. I don't think that children will enjoy this performance that much.

In addition to this my suggestion is to go to the performance as couple. Go earlier, then have lunch or dinner together at the nearest cafe and walk yourself to the theater. Because its near to the Changdeokgung palace, the road provide you great ambiance which and added value for your date. You can choose to go at 4pm or 8pm, they provide two sessions of the performance. My advice is to book your ticket in advance to get a good seat and book online to get 10% discount.

Another tip is for you to went straight out of the theater as early as you can to catch a photo session with the performer. If you're a photo freak that can't be satisfied without a proven photo going to the performance. Well, the performer wore great costumes which is some of it quite rare compared to the normal hanbuk because they were acting as giseang. I think it's a good catch. I'm suggesting this because I was late for the photo session since I went straight to the bathroom instead of the photo session. It was based on personal priorities.


Name: MISO:Baebijang-jeon
Time: Open Run 4pm/8pm (Closed on Monday)/ 80 minutes
Ticket: VIP seat: 60,000 won/ R seat: 50,000won/ S seat 40,000 won
Inquiries: +82-2-751-1500
Location: Jeongdong Theater (Seoul)

From my observation, the nearest subway is the City hall exit 12. I was lost during this time because I walk from the nearest place and it is quite confusing to go to the theater. Therefore, my suggestion is for you to go straight to the City Hall Subway station to avoid being lost and frustrating your date.

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