Khamis, 30 April 2015

Goyang Flower Festival

Went to Goyang on my last trip to Seoul totally a disappointment. A friend of mine told me that they usually hold a flower festival every year. It was early April and not a single flower was seen there. Therefore, I vow to myself to come on the right time when the flowers blooming. 2015 marked my accomplishment so here I am at the festival.

Goyang Lake Park

Goyang means 'shaking'. In Malay I mean. I do not know what does its mean in Korean. haha..

Situated directly in front of MBC buildings, this Lake Park was famous with lots of drama being shoot here such as 'To the Beautiful You' featured by Choi Min Ho from Shinee and many other famous drama which I can't remember since I didn't watch them.

It is a beautiful place for picnic especially during Spring.

Flower Festival

You need to pay for ticket to get in. Adults need to pay 10,000 KRW for it. As KTO did gave away discounts coupons for foreigners, I paid only 7,000 KRW for the it. So keep yourself updated with KTO websites before coming.

The Ajummas 

I was blessed to meet few ajummas and ajussi who asked me about my nationality and later invited me to join them for lunch. We chose to eat in front of the lake under the tables. She gave me rice that contains some nuts and offered me varieties of kimchi. They brought together with them some meat which politely refused by me. The ajussi later told her wife that he know that I can't eat pork and any non halal meat because I'm a Muslim. He also helped me to explain to them that I don't drink any alcohol and with his gesture I know that he's telling them about my head scarf. He have been to Singapore and Johor and this explain his knowledge about Islam.

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