Ahad, 21 September 2014

History of Association of Southeast Asia (ASA)

Communist Threat 

After Malaysia gained it's independent from British colonial on 31st August 1957, the country still facing lots of threat from the communist. It was a common problem faced by most of Southeast Asian countries around Malaysia such as Thailand and Indonesia. In Malaysia, Communist gained its influence through Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) and they tried to gained more support from the peoples. Feared of the increasing support among the peoples, the government take actions against PKM by banning  the party movement. Government actions against PKM however resulted them go against the government through guerrilla war to topple the government.

Neighbors countries such as Thailand and Philippine  also faced the same problem with communist. PKM had been using the border between Malaysia-Thailand as their base and therefore made it harder for both countries to remove and weaken the guerrilla movement. Philippine also faced the same problem as Malaysia.

The birth of Association of Southeast Asia (ASA)

Malaysia wanted to have collaboration with neighbors countries to control the influence and the movement of PKM. Therefore, Tunku Abdul Rahman had decided to suggest the establishment of Association of Southeast Asia (ASA). The association was hoped to protect the member countries from communist threat and made collaboration in economy and agriculture.

July 31st 1961, a meeting was held at Bangkok between Malaysia, Thailand and Philippine and ASA had been born. There were a few objective of the association:

  • To have a close collaboration between country members in economy, science and social.
  • To share the knowledge by accommodating training facilities and research in science and technology between country members.
  • To maintain and secure political stability within country members.

However, the objective of the association can not be achieved because of the loose relationship between county members. ASA was thought to work against the Indonesia president, Seokarno. This was due to the close relationships between Malaysia and US. Besides that, the disassociation of ASA also happened because of the bad relationship between Malaysia and Philippine who tried to claim Sabah from joining Malaysia. ASA also failed to work because of the Ganyang Malaysia movement from Indonesia. ASA was officially disassociate in 1963, almost three years after it was founded. 


Malaysia learnt a lot from this and brought us further in having a better collaboration in the future.

Selasa, 2 September 2014

AEI Orientation

Fresh start

It was a bright day. I arrived early and parked my bike in front on the AEI building and made my move to the stairs. There were few students at the foyer and I greet them, Kabi and Fiza. Both of them were friendly and we started to talk about our preparations for the programme. Then a few other students started to join us, Shahirah, Shuhada, Shafiqah and Jie min. All of us were very exited to meet our lecturers and start a new semester with them. All of us did think that this is a great opportunity to all of us to become part of this proud institute.

Around 8.45 a.m we were told to register and we were given nametag, a formal AEI t-shirt, a backpack, a white file, AEI magazine and a huge mug. The file containing all the information needed for the whole courses and it came with a CD. Then we were told to go upstairs to the AEI auditorium for the welcoming ceremony.

Welcome to Asia Europe Institute

Around 9 a.m the welcome ceremony started. The welcome address was given by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir, Executive Director of the Asia Europe Institute. He gave a very serious speech that showed us his determination to ensure all of the AEI students registered here will pursue their studies with lots of effort and hardwork.  We were told about the huge number of applications and only few were admitted to the programme.  He reminded us that we need to be prepared because their expectations is high and we need to engage with the lecturers to gain more knowledge. He hoped all of the students graduated from AEI will be a better citizen that contribute more to the societies and become a better person. He gave us lots of advice and want us to question ourselves about our stand, reasons and future profession so that we have a clear vision in pursuing our dreams.

Around 10.00 am we have a simple tea break. Nasi lemak and sandwiches were served and all of us started to know each other. There were only 35 students from Malaysia and another 26 were foreigners. Almost all of the international students were still struggling to get visas and only two of them were here together with us. Some of the Malaysian students came from different backgrounds and different kind of universities. Some of us had been working with the government, some of us fresh graduates and few of us came from a totally different major. Life is full of colours and I started to love this institution more.

Fatherly figure

At 10.30 we have a briefing session with Deputy Executive Director (Academic), Dr Azmi Mat Akhir. Dr Azmi had a fatherly figure in him. He gave us a great briefing with lots of stories and encouragements. He is a very positive person that make you smile while listening to him. He told us to enjoy learning at AEI because we have great visiting lecturers and all them have different methods of teaching. He also told us the story about his only son that almost gave up studies because of simple reason and he told us that success lies on peoples who were hardworking.

He told us to come and visits the lecturers from time to time and always discuss any problems with them. We were told to be open and learn from each others. Being positive is the key of success here.

Document Check by AEI

We were told to have a document check by 11.30 a.m. by the administration of AEI. All the staff were very kind and helpful. They offered us various help included to photostat some of the documents needed. For those who still need to certificate true copy for their documents also can do it here. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to study here and meet these amazing peoples. Everything went as planned and we were provided with lunch at the foyer of AEI by 1 p.m.  

Registration At IGS

We were told to gather around at 2 p.m  at the foyer to go to IGS which is situated beside of AEI building. We walked together there. It reminds me a lot of my first year at the university, we were treated by the administration staff with a great care. The registration went well and we were permitted to go home after completed the registration requirement.

It is a great day!

Isnin, 1 September 2014

Sebelum Esok

degup jantung kencang
jiwa kacau tanpa tenang
Benar atau tidak

Saat surat diterima
gembira bukan kepalang
syukur tidak terhingga
rasa ingin terbang
esok pasti datang

kembali menjejak tanah 
sedar langit tinggi tidak terjelajah
manusia tetap lemah 
ada perkara harus berserah
biar jiwa resah
jangan pernah marah
jangan pernah rebah
hidup saja dengan megah!

p/s: To a great new day, welcome and please have a very great future.