Sabtu, 27 April 2013


I guess I'm a Greek. The Greek take on life, take passion over fidelity,exploratory and always leaving plenty room for doubt and debate. The most fascinating fact that I found in this book is how there are marriage benefit imbalance occur between men and women. Women always seem to have degraded after a marriage compared to men. Men seem to be more successful after marriage compared to women. 

After reading this, Elizabeth also help me to sort out some of my feeling against matrimony. Personally I do afraid of losing my freedom if I tie the knot. I'm always enjoy travelling. I love my personnel time and I'm always adore the pleasure of doing anything that I want. Among all of my dreams for my future husband,  at least I hope he enjoys reading books just like me. 

Overall I think Elizabeth do gave me hope on this institution through her journey on finding the meaning of marriage.