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Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook

"We are respectful and courteous in our dealings with children, we treat them as we should like to be treated ourselves"
- Dr. Montessori -

Great Work

I've learn a lot from Montessori. As a pre-school teacher, I've done lots of mistakes mentioned by Montessori in her book. As an adult we always ruled the kids and scold them when they do mistakes. We are rude to them. The fact is they are also another human being that need our respect. We used to be them, the kids. We used to know nothing. Montessori inspired me to respect the children and gave me hopes and a believe that the children will always learn from our actions not words.  

"The child, if left without guidance, is disorderly in his movements, and these disorderly movements are the special characteristic of the little child. In fact, he "never keep still," and "touches everything." This is what forms the child's so called "unruliness" and "naughtiness."
-Dr. Montessori- 

The "Children's House"

Montessori describe the Children's house as an environment that give the children opportunity develop their activities. I love the children house. The children house must be a real house, have a garden and it must be a complete house adapted for children which the furniture is light so that the children can move it about. 

When I read about how a garden is needed in children development, I wondered how there lots of pre-school out there claimed themselves as a Montessori while they were using a shop lot to run the business. I advice parents to read about Montessori system before sending their children to any institution.  

My favorite 

One of my favorite lesson by Montessori is the "lesson of silence". The children are taught not to move and to be silence. The teacher just need to give them the example by herself, showing them how to sit absolutely still. After all the children is in a silence mode, let them hear the surrounding sounds and they will discover a new pleasure to be in silence. I've tried this in my class and it is a good exercise for the children. 

p/s: 5 Star for this book. Looking for another Montessori's book..

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