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Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

We. Human beings. We're a bit too quick to come up with explanations for things we don't really have an explanation for.

-Malcolm Gladwell-
A Blink

Blink gives me great reasons for me to respect snap decisions. It never come across my mind that there are lots of reasons why snap decisions sometimes lead you to made good decisions compared to too much thinking. I do believe that this kind of knowledge is very important to be implement into our police force. From the stories being told in the Blink about officers that killed an unarmed man because of their pre-judgement and bias he give few advices on how a police officer should act while their on duty and during a chase. Lately, Malaysian police officer seemed to be involved in few cases that lead them to killed innocent civilian. For me, this is a very serious matter that need to be look at.

Women vs Men

He tells great stories on how women were used to be discriminated in orchestras. It's a story of a great  musician named Abbie Conant. She played trombone. At that time trained classical musician used to think that a woman could not play the trombone. The Orchestras had two or three women on the violin and the oboe. But those were "feminine" instruments. The trombone is masculine. Because the audition place was under construction all candidates have to play behind the screen, making them invisible behind the selection committee. She floored the committee and without knowing she's a women they decided to hire her. She stepped out from behind the screen. The Committee shocked. It was an awkward situation. The trombone player was not a man but a small woman.

It different now, more orchestras began to hire women.

Once upon a Start

I love his story about how he start the Blink. He turned a bad situations into a great book.

"A few years ago, before I began Blink, I grew my hair long. It used to be cut very short and conservatively. But I decided on a whim, to let it grow wild, as it had been when I was teenager. Immediately, in very small but significant ways, my life changed. I started getting speeding tickets - I had never gotten any before. I started getting pulled out of airport security lines for special attention. And one day while walking along Fourteenth Street in downtown Manhattan, a police van pulled up on the sidewalk, and three officers jumped out. They were looking, it turned out, for a rapist, and the rapist, they said looked a lot like me. In fact, the rapist looked nothing at all like me... That episode on the street got me thinking about the weird power of first impressions. And that thinking led to Blink - so I supposed before I thank anyone else, I should thank those three officers."
 4 stars for Blink.

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