Sabtu, 23 Julai 2011

Busy with yellow!

It have been a few weeks.. No post at all..

I miss my blog so much.. Why I'm not writing anything? The reason is very simple.. I'm not touching my books this few weeks.. haha blame myself..

Busy with yellow..

It is not political to support Bersih. I am a big supporter of the freedom of speech. Why we can't express our own view on our country electoral system? What we want is simple, we want it to be more transparent and give benefits to the peoples itself..

Am I too late to write this? No, Bersih is a long term battle.. We need all peoples to support it.

I love My Malaysia!

I am Malaysian. I love my country. I will cry for my country. I will support what is good for my country.. I shout for Chong Wei! I support for Nicol David! I support BERSIH!

I hate people said to us (Bersih supporter), we are peoples who didn't love our own country.. No, we love our Malaysia..