Ahad, 30 Januari 2011


semalam awan melambai-lambai
memaksaku senyum
awan-awan bijak
mengajak aku sembang
sembang yang kami sendiri faham

aku hulurkan tangan kepada 'awan'
awan malu
tidak pernah manusia menyapanya
selalunya manusia marah-marah sahaja
ya, manusia yang hatinya parah

huluran kedua
awan terima

cuaca dunia berubah nampaknya awan..
berbasa basi soalan kuhulur

awan senyum kelat
manusia disini hanya tahu cuaca
perlahan bicaranya
di sini manusia tidak nampak perubahan dunia
di sana hujan menyapu pemimpin hina
di sini pilihan seolah tiada
di sana mereka peka
di sini mereka marah pada cuaca
derhaka pada tuhan lupa
derhaka pada manusia bising pula

awan berlalu ke tepi
seolah berfikir sendiri
perlahan dia sebak
terus teresak
tiga hari awan menangis
aku basah!

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

The Fall

It's full of excitement and interesting.. One of my favorite among the Cherubs.. I like it when James have to survive by himself at Russia.

Haha I cry when Lauren worried so much because of James. The way James describe their relationship also touch my heart. The sibling do love each other..

It just make me remember my brother so much. I called him after reading the book.

James gain his Black T-shirt after the mission complete..

I learn a lot through reading this book.. Great!!

Jumaat, 28 Januari 2011

Bicaralah atas Nama Kasih

"Speak in the name of Love.."

I've forgotten when is the last time I bought books like this. They sounds too mushy for me. However, I was called to buy it because I know that I can trust the writer. She is the wife of Ust. Zaharuddin. Well known writer in Islamic Finance. I like both of them, the wife and the husband.


Noraslina Jusin as a fulltime housewife done a great job by writing such a great book. I believe that she will inspire many women who read this book.


To become a mother in this modern world is a huge challenge to all women. We are afraid if we fail to raise our children. We are afraid of what will they be when they grow up. Although I am not a mother. Yet, the concerns was there.

'Bicaralah atas Nama Kasih' was talking about the challenge. How she's doing it and what she have done. Together with her husband they showed us a good example on becoming parents. She writes it in a women perspective, in a mother perspectives and in a wife perspectives.

I Like

I learn a lot from Noraslina. I like her routine of giving love letters to her children and to her husband. It just beautiful to imagine a mother silently give a pink card that being written words of encouragement while the daughters were sleeping.

I can't imagine if the children is more than ten? How can the mother write to all of the children? haha.. If there is a will there always be a way.

The best

The best advice given in this book was told by Ust Zaharuddin. He said:

"To become a 'solehah' wife, the woman must have a 'soleh' husband"

He's right.. but it is not applicable to all women.. Asiah will go to heaven although her husband is firaun.. We just don't know..

p/s: 4 stars for the great inspiring well write book. I reduced one star because there are a lot of mistakes with the Quranic verses because of publishing problem..

pp/s: I'll encourage all wife to be and mother to be to read this book... Ops.. Also to all men out there..

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Khadijah: Cinta Abadi Kekasih Nabi

" Allah tidak memberikan pengganti untukku yang lebih baik daripada Khadijah. Dia percaya kepadaku di kala orang lain mengingkariku, dia membenarkanku di kala orang lain mendustakanku, dia menyerahkan hartanya kepadaku di kala orang lain menghalangiku dan Allah mengurniakan keturunan melalui rahimnya kala aku tidak dapat daripada perempuan-perempuan lain (isteri-isteriku)."

-Rasulullah SAW-

Kekasih Pertama

Khadijah adalah kekasih pertama Rasulullah SAW. Idola saya. (kononnya). Khadijah adalah teman paling sesuai buat baginda Rasulullah ketika di awal kenabian. Khadijah sangat matang dan bijak. Tidak terbanding kita (sebenarnya saya sendiri) dengan Khadijah yang akhlaknya luar biasa dan di mana pandang sisinya nyata jauh, gaya isteri seorang nabi. Perumpamaannya Khadijah nyata seolah-olah penumpang kapal terbang sedangkan saya sekadar penunggang motosikal, tertinggal jauh.

Bacaan kedua

Sebenarnya ini adalah bacaan kali kedua saya buat buku ini. Memang saya akui buku ini adalah termasuk di kalangan buku kegemaran saya. Sejak dibeli dan dibaca pada tahun 2009, buku ini sekadar menghias rak buku di bilik sahaja. Atas sebab tertentu saya mengulang baca buku ini. Perasaannya tetap sama. Suka.

Dr. Muhammad Abduh Yamani nyata seorang yang halus penulisannya. Bait-bait syair buat Khadijah meruntun jiwa. Walaupun karya ini adalah sekadar terjemahan. Syair itu tetap indah. Jika dibaca di dalam bahasa asalnya sudah pasti lebih dalam perasaannya. Entah.


Sangat mudah membaca karya ini kerana terjemahannya agak teliti dan menggunakan bahasa Melayu 'standard'. Sehari sahaja sudah boleh diselesaikan pembacaan. Penulisan juga santai tapi berfakta. Sekiranya anda ingin tahu lebih dekat siapakah Khadijah, saya syorkan anda membaca karya terbitan PTS ini.

Percayalah, membaca Khadijah seperti mengorek lubang aib kita sendiri. Lubang-lubang yang perlu kita sedari agar dapat dikambus di kemudian hari.

Isnin, 24 Januari 2011

The Recruit

I can say that Robert Muchamore writes the best series on spy. The Recruit is the first book of the Cherub series and I was searching for it since last year. I know it always stay on the shelves of Kinokinuya

The Recruit introduce us the main characters of the whole series like James Choke who later became James Adam after being recruited, Kerry Chang, Lauren Adam and many more.

I fall in love with all the characters and I fall deep with the story itself. Why?

Usually most of the spy stories they fight for certain country and they fight against certain country. Cherub is different. Cherub fight to stop environmentalist terrorist. They help the government to stop Help Earth from do any terrorist attack.

Hoho.. The best part of the story is they were having their out of country training at Malaysia. Am I nationalist to be this kind of happy just because my country was mentioned in a book? Not a regular book, but a spy book and it is my favorite one!


I went to visit their website and there are 3 bonus stories were included here.

Hoho overjoyed.. I want to read more..

Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Change of Heart

"And I remembered something else that makes us human: faith, the only weapon in our arsenal to battle doubt."
Lucius-Change of Heart

The Story

Shay Bourne was convicted as a murder and sentence to death penalty and it will be done after eleven years in prison. He wants to donor his heart to the younger sister's of his own victim. The problem is that he must be executed with lethal injection and if you are being killed with lethal injection you can't survive the organ. The only way is he must be hang instead of using lethal injection in order to survive the organ. It seems easy but more problems arises. The law do not allow it, June, the mother victim don't want the heart and even Shay must survive for him to become a donor himself. The truth behind the tragedy was revealed after eleven years and it is too late to turn back...


I never failed to be amazed with Picolt's writing skills and her brilliant theme. Oh maybe the reason is only because of my limited collection of her's. However, I do believe that both My Sister's Keeper and Change of Heart were the best evidence of her great writing skills. Both of them were surprising and provoking. However I realize that both of them do have a similarity where both of them do involve with the judicial institution.

The efforts

Jodi Picolt was listed among my favourate author since last year after I read My Sister's Keeper. Her novels were informative and clever. For me, she is a generalist writer who can write on various subjects. I believe that she has a very good research team behind her and if it do exist they've done a great job.

The efforts that she made to write the novel with the right term and with the real information really made me adore her so much. She also went to the Arizona Prison to do some research on lethal injection and to see with her naked eye the real situation of the prison. Picolts even speak to the prison wardens and gain a lot of information for this novel. With so much efforts done by her, the results of her writing was so convincing.

I Like

Reading the book made me think a lot. There were many quotes that I love:

" If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you don't bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you"

I don't like

But there were some quotes that I can't agree with, especially when it involves religion:

"Whatever road you take, the view is going to be the same"

I believe that the view is different. It's never gonna be the same.

Muslims believe that there is only one god and this is an absolute answer. Those who didn't believe that there is only one god is never gonna be the same with those who believe. So I put myself to believe that there are absolute answer

Isnin, 17 Januari 2011

Time Heals Broken Heart..

" People said that time heals broken heart..

For me, time killing heals my broken heart... hahaha "

After listening to unpleasant news.. Went to Kinokuniya spent half day there.. happy.. lalala..

p/s: I really wanted to buy The Recruit by Robert Muchamore.. but.. (sigh)

28 Hari Jurnal Rock and Roll

"Tahun lepas 23 Jun 2009, saya memulakan kembara selama 28 hari mengelilingi Semenanjung Malaysia. Tak berduit, Jiwa kalut dan otak berserabut.

Tahun ini, 23 Jun 2010, saya ada buku bertajuk '28 Hari: Jurnal Rock n' Roll' yang mengisahkan tentang kembara tersebut. Alhamdulillah berduit, jiwa tak bergelora dan otak tenang.."

Walaupun saya kurang senang dengan gaya hidup bebas tanpa arah tujuan.. Namun secara peribadi saya masih menyukai karya mini Jayzuan. Walaupun beliau tidak tentu arah pada awalnya, saya kagum dia masih berani menghasilkan karya beliau sendiri.


Antara yang membuat saya kagum adalah semangat setiakawan golongan pemuzik indie ini. Jayzuan nyata mempunyai rangkaian sahabat yang ramai di seluruh Malaysia dan saya berani katakan rangkaian tersebut sampai ke seberang laut.

Beliau menggambarkan sahabat-sahabat beliau dengan baik sehingga dapat kita bayangkan siapa mereka.

Sahabat yang senyap dan tenang..

Ada sahabat yang berambut punk tetapi bermasyarakat di Terengganu..

Sahabat yang sangat suka belanja makan.. dan ramai lagi..


Di dalam jurnal ini Jayzuan secara jujur menceritakan satu persatu nama perempuan yang beliau sempat kenali di sepanjang pengembaraan. Dengan pelbagai gelaran diberikan kepada mereka sehinggalah pujian yang terlalu hiperbola menjadikan pembaca akan sering terfikir, siapakah si Jayzuan ini sebenarnya.

Antara kata-kata yang beliau sering ungkap ialah " Perempuan memang Ahli Sihir!".


Saya faham perasaan Jayzuan yang mahu mengembara. Saya juga mahu menjadi pengembara. Saya mahu mengembara 'backpacking' ke seluruh dunia. Jauh di sudut hati, keinginan saya membara mahu ke luar negara. Saya sering berbisik, banyak lagi tempat yang belum di jelajahi. Tapi, saya seorang perempuan, masih banyak yang perlu difikirkan..

Jayzuan nyata kini lebih tenang. Namun adakah ini yang beliau cari? Nasihat saya buat diri sendiri dan buat Jayzuan, carilah tuhan baru tenang dengan sendiri. Percayalah Tuhan, patuhilah arahan Tuhan dan jangan lakukan larangan Tuhan..

Mahu tenang? Mintalah dari pencipta manusia..

Saya? Seperti biasa, masih menunggu..

Jumaat, 14 Januari 2011

Di Mana Bumi Dipijak

"Sejarah ditulis oleh orang yang menang.. Itu kata orang.."

Dalam senyap saya setuju.. Setuju bahawa sejarah ditulis secara tidak adil.. Ditulis untuk pihak tertentu.. Demi kuasa tertentu.. Saya berbisik.. "Cis, politik zaman batu.."

Tentang buku

Penuh lakaran dan ulasan tambahan terhadap sesuatu peristiwa sejarah secara kritis nyata merupakan garapan sejarah yang menarik bagi saya. Walaupun secara peribadi saya masih kurang senang kerana ianya masih berat sebelah penulisannya, namun ianya tetap buku yang baik kerana kita dapat membaca peristiwa sejarah dari sudut yang berbeza.

Saya percaya pasti sesuatu karya sejarah akan berlaku berat sebelah kerana manusia selalunya cenderung menulis dari perspektif yang mereka percaya.

Saya masih mencari garapan sejarah yang terbaik.. Buku teks sejarah adalah contoh berat sebelah yang nyata.. Saya hanya mengenali tokoh-tokoh yang kononnya "kanan" atau pro-kerajaan. Jadi buku ini menjadikan pengetahuan saya penuh keseimbangan..

Tidak cukup

Saranan saya kepada semua rakyat Malaysia. Jangan terhadkan bacaan sejarah kamu berdasarkan persepsi kamu..

Banyak lagi yang tersembunyi.. kenapa? Sejarah mengajar kita tentang masa lalu yang membantu kita mengenali siapa kita hari ini.

Saya masih membaca dan mencari..

Isnin, 10 Januari 2011

Last Day..

Happy face of my co-worker..

It have been a month I work as a part time worker at Popular Armcorp Mall.. It is indeed a very good experience for me..

To tell you the truth, now I understand how they run the business here.. haha


This is the most tiring work I've ever done.. When I went home, my face stiff and I can't even smile.. hoho.. Now I understand their feeling..

The best thing is I still working with book..

Best part

I like giving suggestion to those who wanted to buy books from "agama" section.. Most of them appreciate my suggestions..I made a few friends from here..

I also met a few of my schoolmates here.. It have been 5 years.. It just great to see them, married.. working.. look older and mature..

Sayonara Popular

Hehe.. See all of you again as a customer.. Just the same me.. Just a book lover..

Popular.. We greet.. we smile.. we serve..

Sabtu, 8 Januari 2011

Parker Pyne Investigates

Behind the scene..

This book was given to me by Khairul last year.. It was among the three books given. After reading Nemesis, I let the other two books decayed on the shelves.. Sorry Khairul..

Starting this year, I made a promise to myself to read all those books abandoned on the shelves as a challenge..


Parker Pyne investigates is not as fascinating as Nemesis but still considered as an intelligent work of Agatha Christie.

All the short stories written was based on an advertisement..

Are you HAPPY? If not consult Mr. Parker Pyne..

Mr. Parker Pyne will try to solve all the problems from his clients.. The way he solved all the unhappiness were such an intelligent work..

There are 12 short stories altogether and only one case failed, owing to natural causes. Among all them, I like 'The case of the rich woman' the most.

"The case of the rich woman"

The story is about a rich woman who still felt empty of her life even though that she has almost everything that she wants. Her case took 1 year to be solved. Parker Pyne made her believes that she is a different person. She became more happy after she became another person.

This case made me remember 'The Undomestic Goddess'...

Looking Forward!

I am challenging myself to read another book of Agatha Christie.. So long...

Khamis, 6 Januari 2011


The end of the mission.. The English version of Iqra' was found... Thanks Pustaka Mukmin..

Huhu.. gigit jari dulu.. aliran tunai sudah berhenti..

Selasa, 4 Januari 2011

Biografi Muhammad Bin Abdullah

Nama seorang lelaki agung..
Kami beriman kepadanya dengan sepenuh jiwa dan raga
Meskipun kami tidak pernah bertemu dengannya."

Saya pernah membaca beberapa buah buku sirah Rasulullah S.A.W di dalam Bahasa Melayu, namun tidak ada yang benar-benar bagus penulisannya. Saya berani memberi jaminan bahawa buku ini adalah biografi terbaik Nabi Muhammad S.A.W yang ditulis di dalam Bahasa Melayu. Rupa-rupanya buku ini telah diulang cetak sebanyak lima kali dan ruginya saya kerana tidak membacanya sejak dari awal.

Susunan penceritaan oleh Prof. Zulkifli nyata sangat baik dan mengikut kronologi yang jelas. Saya sangat memuji buku ini kerana saya jelas sebab sesuatu peristiwa itu berlaku dan saya juga jelas kronologi pengislaman beberapa orang sahabat. Sebelum ini saya masih keliru mengenai jarak waktu pengislaman beberapa sahabat dan jarak masa terjadinya beberapa perang.

Sebagai peminat kisah-kisah strategi perang, buku ini nyata menceritakan kisah-kisah perang Rasulullah di dalam usaha menyebarkan Islam dengan baik. Antara kisah perang yang diceritakan dengan baik oleh penulis adalah perang Hunain dan Tabuk.

Kronologi yang baik, ditambah penulisan yang baik, malah ditulis oleh penulis yang baik dan dipercayai.. Nyata ini adalah biografi Muhammad S.A.W yang terbaik saya pernah baca..

Penutup Yang Baik

Kisah pertemuan semula para sahabat selepas kewafatan Rasulullah S.A.W di Bukit Golan selepas pembukaan Baitulmaqdis adalah yang terbaik menjadi penutup biografi ini. Saya menangis teresak-esak membaca bagaimana penulis menceritakan bahawa Bilal tidak dapat menyelesaikan azannya kerana menangis teringatkan Rasulullah S.A.W.

Siapa saya di sisi Rasulullah S.A.W?


Syabas buat penerbit, PTS Islamika di mana kulit buku yang cantik dan sangat menarik di tambah dengan kerja suntingan yang baik.

Wujudnya Glosari dan Indeks juga adalah satu ciri yang saya amat sukai mengenai buku ini kerana ianya akan memudahkan rujukan akan datang.

Ini adalah buku wajib baca buat semua umat Islam di Malaysia.

5 bintang penuh buat Biografi Muhammad bin Abdullah: Perjalanan hidup seorang Nabi !!

Ahad, 2 Januari 2011

First Gift!

Good start.. First gift of 2011.. Thanks!!