Khamis, 22 September 2011

Once Removed

It's a comeback

Hmm, it's been a few month.. This is not a very good book for a comeback post, but I'm glad I can write something about it.


Why did I read this book? Because the scene is Kuala Lumpur, it was written by a 'Mat Salleh', the colour of the book is Orange, it is cheap (RM9.90-BookXcess) , and the name of the writer sounds sexy.. Try to read it with an accent, Andrew Leci.. haha..


I cannot stop laughing when he made jokes about certain things on Malaysia. It showed us another side of Malaysia that we may not realized before. He write about the Malays, the Chinese, the Indian and even write about Dato' and Tan Sri.

I'd really love when he write a few Malay words as footnotes entitled "words learn today". The funny things is most of the words were similar as English like 'botol= bottle', 'tayar=Tyre' and etc.

I hate his 'not so funny' jokes..

He also made a lot of sexual jokes.. I hate them..

Overall I'm not a fan of the book but I certainly can guarantee that this book is really funny and witty.. Half of myself hate it in certain way but another half showed that I can really laugh on his jokes.. I can't give any star to this book..

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