Isnin, 6 Jun 2011

Monash Library: Cool but..

They have small collection of books but it's still ok..

I went to Monash lately and get into their library which is very cool and have a great interior design. They have red sofa, colourful pillow on the floor, glass writing panel, lots of computers (more than what they need) and more. The furniture is exotic and cool. Despite having such a great facilities the students were not that grateful to take a good care of them. However I also think that their librarian also need to do their work and not just sitting around..

I think, UM should adopt this kind of panel. It's cool and students can do free discussion in the library there.

Thrash on the sofa.. Not a good attitude.. Throw them into the dustbin!
To tell you the truth, this is not the only one, they were more of them on the floor..
I never found thrash on the floor in UM's library.. not yet..

The books were not in order... I can't believe that it was the same for the whole week. It's like they were not being arranged for a few days. aha?

I love those colourful pillows lay down on the floor. Students can just hang around sitting on pillows, using laptops on the Japanese style table and lean back on the wall. Refreshing!

With lots of computers offered on the first floor, they still can borrow iPads and notebook from the library if they need to.. Awesome!

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