Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Alone on A Wide Wide Sea

"Even if things don't seem to be working out quite as you'd like them to, you need to feel they're going to, that all will be well in the end"

Great Storyteller

Every time I read Michael Morpugo's books it always made me feel like there is a hole inside my heart. It always left me thinking about my own life.

He is indeed a storyteller. He writes it simply from his heart, it felt like the book is talking to it's reader. The words is simple and his book is great for children. I cry and thinking deeply of his words.

What I like the most of this book is it's seem so real. He writes from two perspective that is the father who once is only a little boy and another part is from his daughter's perspectives. I love the father's parts more, indeed this is his story after all.

I Like

The book start with an end. I like it though. He always write something that show the bad effect of war. It always showed that he hates war. This book also explains how British children were sent to Australia because they are orphaned. It was one time thought convenient to pack up your troublesome people, whether they were convicts or simply unwanted or orphaned children, and ship them off to what were then the colonies - mostly Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Some get lucky, have a better life. Some just get into more trouble and live a bad life.

The Time

I also agree that we live in our childhood life more than the times take. We remember more of our childhood moments compare to our old life. Time also seem to run faster when we are older. It's just run. a year seems shorter than it was before. It's just true.

I hope my goodreads friends will try to read Michaels Morpurgo's book. He is a great story teller. Trust me!

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