Khamis, 7 April 2011

Survival During an Earthquake

This is a great material for School. Most of the libraries should have this survival science comic.

I learn a lot from this comic. To survive an earthquake we have to know the signs. Before an earthquake, animals that is very sensitive will show abnormalities in their actions. As an example birds will migrate to another place a few days before an earthquake. Besides birds, snakes, frogs and fish also showed abnormalities in their actions before an earthquake happen.

I am also amazed with the fact that China have been succeed in predicting earthquake hundred of years before there are technologies involve and it is all depends on their observations to nature.

The most wise person is those who can read not only the written things but also those who can read nature. That is why most of the research being done in the university especially in drugs discovery were based on traditional material that learn from orang Asli and the village peoples. Most of the discoveries also showed that almost all herb that were told to have healing properties is scientifically true.

Our old people learn from observation, we only learn from facts and we still cannot see the truth. Wise people is not the people who knows more, wise people is those who know the right things to know.

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Ummu Auni berkata...

komik ni best tak?

Fariza berkata...

best.. berinformasi tapi lawak..

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