Sabtu, 12 Mac 2011

Mayada: Daughter of Iraq

I hate this book. Reading the book is like gossiping on Saddam and it's regime. We are not sure whether the story is true or not. It does not mean that I like Saddam but it just too much bad things being told about him in the book made it sound nonsense.

I've read Princess before and it's kind of irritating too. However, I like it better than Mayada. Mayada is nonsense.


If there are truths in this book, it is very sad on what happen to the Iraqis. Having such a dictator as your country's leader is pathetic. He treat peoples like his servant. Never to like such people.


The book is about the experience of a woman named Mayada whose being held and tortured in jail. During the detention she told her experiences with Saddam and a few high commissioner during Saddam's regime. The writer also put up some stories among the detainees that sharing the same room with Mayada. Mayada was released after 5 days and run away from Iraq to stay with her mother together with her daughter and son in Jordan.

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