Ahad, 27 Februari 2011

No Reservations


I want his job! Travelling around the world testing food everywhere and get paid for it..

This fully illustrated travelling journal is one of my favorite. Reading the book really took me together with the writer to the places that he went to. The book is well written with the writer personal thought about the place.

Asia; Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Japan..

Africa; Ghana, Namibia,


Europe; Iceland, Ireland, Paris, Sweden...

North America..

South America..

hoho.. and more..


No reservations team experienced the worst here. Upon arriving the country everything was ok until the civil war explode. Anthony Bourdain describe the situations clearly. Hence, Beirut was rated as the best story by me..

Best food?

Singapore.. The way he describe about the crab.. The picture of the crab.. hmm.. yummy!!


Haha.. Malaysia was rated among the country that have the worst bathrooms in the world..

The best toilet was given to Japan. Upon finishing one's business, one may choose from a menu of perineal fountains that direct water of varying pressures and temperatures at one's nether regions. Haha.. This is technology..


He also put on some tips for travelers such as things to bring, a few guide on preparing the trip, hazards and more..

Bourdain's favorite place to eat also listed in the book complete with the address, phone number and descriptions..


I hate his dick jokes.. Never to like them..

Isnin, 7 Februari 2011


Untuk makluman pelawat blog saya,

Saya baru mengalami kemalangan kecil. Kaki bengkak dan berjahit. Masih ok lagi. Mungkin, blog ini akan senyap seminggu lagi..

Doakan saya cepat sembuh..