Isnin, 24 Januari 2011

The Recruit

I can say that Robert Muchamore writes the best series on spy. The Recruit is the first book of the Cherub series and I was searching for it since last year. I know it always stay on the shelves of Kinokinuya

The Recruit introduce us the main characters of the whole series like James Choke who later became James Adam after being recruited, Kerry Chang, Lauren Adam and many more.

I fall in love with all the characters and I fall deep with the story itself. Why?

Usually most of the spy stories they fight for certain country and they fight against certain country. Cherub is different. Cherub fight to stop environmentalist terrorist. They help the government to stop Help Earth from do any terrorist attack.

Hoho.. The best part of the story is they were having their out of country training at Malaysia. Am I nationalist to be this kind of happy just because my country was mentioned in a book? Not a regular book, but a spy book and it is my favorite one!


I went to visit their website and there are 3 bonus stories were included here.

Hoho overjoyed.. I want to read more..

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