Sabtu, 8 Januari 2011

Parker Pyne Investigates

Behind the scene..

This book was given to me by Khairul last year.. It was among the three books given. After reading Nemesis, I let the other two books decayed on the shelves.. Sorry Khairul..

Starting this year, I made a promise to myself to read all those books abandoned on the shelves as a challenge..


Parker Pyne investigates is not as fascinating as Nemesis but still considered as an intelligent work of Agatha Christie.

All the short stories written was based on an advertisement..

Are you HAPPY? If not consult Mr. Parker Pyne..

Mr. Parker Pyne will try to solve all the problems from his clients.. The way he solved all the unhappiness were such an intelligent work..

There are 12 short stories altogether and only one case failed, owing to natural causes. Among all them, I like 'The case of the rich woman' the most.

"The case of the rich woman"

The story is about a rich woman who still felt empty of her life even though that she has almost everything that she wants. Her case took 1 year to be solved. Parker Pyne made her believes that she is a different person. She became more happy after she became another person.

This case made me remember 'The Undomestic Goddess'...

Looking Forward!

I am challenging myself to read another book of Agatha Christie.. So long...

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