Rabu, 30 Jun 2010

Paik Inje Memorial Library

This post was specially made for all of my goodreads friends.. I take a few pictures of the main library here in Inje University. The Paik Inje Memorial Library provide a lot of facilities for the students to help upon their studies.

I bet all of you will interested with the library especially K.Najibah.. So here I state a few informations of the Library..

The History of Paik Inje Memorial Library. (written as in the pamphlet)

Paik Inje Memorial Library currently houses approximately 700,000 volumes of books and elctronic journals, including more than 40,000 types of multimedia materials.

It aims to be a university for the korean people and the world by being a cultural library and a digital containing the multimedia center, the video seminar room, stacks for material classifieds by topics, the traditional Culture Education Education Center, and other cutting-edge facilities, and gives its all in it's role as the heart of a forerunning university in the information age.

The Front Building of Paik Inje Memorial Library

The main counter of the library.

Main entrance, where we have to scan the student I.D. to enter.
(haha.. lebih maju dari UM, tapi UM boleh pinjam buku kat machine self-check, kat sini pinjam kat counter jer)

Yippuda! Wow bonzai..

Recommendation new book.. Can't be borrowed..

Nice and neat.. ada banyak lagi sofa kat tepi dan memang selesa..

They play a soft music here to be enjoyed together with the cultural books.. however, all the books were in korean..huhu..

English book shelf on 4th floor.. I'm holding the Deathly Hollow..hehe

All the materials were classified by topics and divided. Total there are generally 4 section.

Main entrance of Humanities Room.. 4th floor..

Every floor were provided with computers that can access by all visitors. However, they also have multimedia room which is the main computer room there.

All of the shelves were labelled in Korean, however we also can search it trough the library website to know where the books located easily (that is exactly what have I done..)

A lot of tables and chairs for student to study. All of them were made of wood.

Just like in UM, there are a few computer were specially situated in the middle to access the library materials through the library website.. Like at kinokinuya, we can print the materials location..

We can find a lot of different kinds of magazines here.. I found few of English magazines here..

These magazines were written in two language, Korean and English.. The Animation magazine reminds me to Khairul H. who really loves manga and cartoon. hehe..

Few English magazines, Readers digest, Times, Newsweek and more..

Old magazines..

p/s- I hope all of you enjoy looking to all of the pictures.. see ya! Ne ba!

Selasa, 29 Jun 2010

PALAPES Korea..Hehe

While waiting Gyu and Yun to take us to Homeplus, we saw the Korean student's "PALAPES" routine rowcall. They were asked to properly stand in line and properly wear their uniform. Nice thing to watch! Korean guy in uniform! hehe..
One of them were asked to wear their shoes properly..

Hait! Yes Sir!

p/s: Bila tengok Palapes Inje ni teringat lak kat palapes UM hehe..

Isnin, 28 Jun 2010

Starting The Labwork Today..

I start the labwork today!

I have to do some subcloning of lambda phage DNA cut with Hind iii which reminds me on Dr Chandran's subject and Dr Chan's lectures. DNA recombinant is not my common practice in Malaysia but here all of the lab were doing genetic engineering and molecular biotechnology.

I was given a small project to be done and I was free to do it by my own.

However, I am glad that I know the basics and understand what I will be doing.

I have to ask my buddy in the lab a lot because most of the instruments and the common practice in the lab is quite different compared to us in Malaysia. All the best to me!

Sabtu, 26 Jun 2010

I Believe

Dear God,

I wonder, I wonder and I wonder..

how far I can go?

I have the rise before

then, I fall much

I am falling more

again and again

Sometime I drown in tears,

I lost my gears,

and the sky seem never clears

But I believe in You

Still believe

You that is the only You

The art of your kindness,

The way of your forgiveness,

When we lose,

You give us more,

when I cry the most,

You make me laugh of it more

oh God,

me dearest God,

now I believe more,

More than before...

Gimhae city

p/s- My dearest friends, from the bottom of my heart I believe that you know what I means with the poem above. All of you have seen the pain before.. The scar was still carving in my heart. It was healed but the cut was deep and it leaves me with the scar. I think Allah give me more medication to erase the scar so I will boldly face the world after this.

pp/s- Ah.. I'm crying writing this post..

Khamis, 24 Jun 2010

Kim Hak Su Memorial Museum

Kim Hak Su or Hyechon Hacksoo Kim is a very well known painter in South Korea. He is currently known to be the master of the korean history and genre paintings. The constant theme of the paintings of Hyechon id the will to restore history, genre and life of Korea through pictures.

Sir Hyechon is the victim of the divided country, which is the most dredful pain for the korean people. After the Korean war, he jas come south over the border and lived as a single till today.

However, he has converted the pain of the splitted family into creating art pieces. For this whole life, he has focused only on painting, allowing the history and genre paintings of korea to take a step further.

Eat Daeppuggi With Gyu and Yun

This is the rice cake that mix with chilli sauce called daeppuggi.

We also eat Kimbab (Korean sushi). Made of glutinous rice, cucumber, fried egg, crab, and wrap with seaweed.


Using Chopsticks!

Selasa, 22 Jun 2010


We took off from the KLIA a little bit late from the exact schedule but we still arrive Incheon, Seoul earlier than the estimated time. Alhamdulillah, we arrived at Busan at 9.50 even though earlier we quite confuse to find the direction to the departure terminal for domestic flight.

Me, Zati and Diana meet at the KLIA. All of us came separately.

Taking pictures in front the International departures gate.

We have to take the airport bus when we arrived at Busan. It is colder here compared to Malaysia even though it is summer now.

In front of the domestic departures gate at Incheon International Airport.