Khamis, 2 Disember 2010

I Still love My Father..

Oh, maybe I am too sensitive? I was crying reading the Kosmo headline about Nurul Dahyatul Fazlinda Mat Haizan that had been splashed with acid by her own father and causing a serious injury into her face.

I was touched by her statement that she still love her father even though he was the one that burn her face. I once wrote about family before and I believe that father is part of the main factor for a good family. Father is the role-model for the children. They give the children hope of becoming someone that they believe they can be. This is how I believe.


My father had passed away since I was in form 2. Because I was staying in the hostel I am the only daughter that did not met him on his last day. He passed away on the day that he promised me to visit. On that day, I was shocked because my mom came with my aunt to bring me home without my father. That was the last day I saw my father's face, the face that I remember the most, the face that will never smile to me again.

That is why I am quite sensitive when it involves with family matters. For me, it is great to see a father playing with their children, it is awesome to watch an old father to hug her daughter on her graduation day, I love to watch a daughter kiss his father's hand on Hari Raya and more.

Dear Nurul Dahyatul, I believe that your love to your father is true. 8 years with him is enough to create good memories with him. In future, I hope you will have a greater life. I believe that Allah know the best of his creature, He will give you more love after this and you must believe it. Those friends who teasing you and called you ghost will understand your feelings when they grown up. It's just a matter of time, honey. Just believe in yourself and live your life the fullest.

To those who still have their family with them, please appreciate them. Family is the key of a good society!!

Love ya!

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