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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is a story of how a mother, a father, sister and brother going through their life from time to time after facing the lost of one of their family member.

The story begins with this,

"My name was Salmon, like the fish: first name Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973."

It is unique and rare for me because the story was told by the victim's world view from the heaven. From Susie's heaven view, the readers were brought to visit the life of people that still alive on the earth.

It is not a mystery book since the killer were told from the beginning and it is not the main theme. Alice Sebold writing the story of how people goes on with their life after a tragedy. Susie's father, Mr. Salmon, lived his life thinking of the murderer and silently missing her. His instinct told him that Mr. Harvey is the killer but there is no evidence that can relate to him. He silently keep his feeling by keeping Susie's clothes, shoes and silently adore her picture. The way Sebold write it really made me realize that man hold their feeling deep in their heart and hard to let it go.

Susie's sister, Lindsey live her life the fullest. I think. She's accepting the death easier compared the others. Susie describing Lindsey's life as the life that she will have if she is alive. Lindsey believe her father and investigate Mr Harvey's house. She almost being caught but manage to run away. She went to college and finally marry her boyfriend.

Susie's mother ran away after her death leave her young brother Buckley. I hate her mother for leaving the family. However, same as Mr. Salmon, deep in her heart she still keeping the memory of Susie.

The ending of the story, Sebold made it clear to the reader that all of them were move on. However, I hate it when Mr Harvey is not being caught. He live his life freely but finally die while stalking another girl.

The character that I like the most is Ruth. I'm not mentioning her name before, but she is the only person that believe that Susie was there and watching them from heaven..

3 stars for 'The Lovely Bones'!!

4 ulasan:

Syahid nss berkata...

~ada movienya lakonan Mrk Walberg..kalau tak silap..tak sempat tengok lagi pun..

Fariza berkata...

Tahu..tapi tengok trailer macam xbest jer..

lila meimei berkata...

book store mana yang ada jual novel The Lovely Bones di area kl ?
please desperate betol.

Fariza berkata...

Lila Meimei.. saya beli di Bookxcess dah lama dah.. time tu harganya sangat murah dalm rm17 je tapi saya rasa buku ni dah habis stok di Bookxcess.Cuba cari di bookxcess dulu. Tapi saya pernah jumpa buku ni di Kinokuniya kalau tak silap harga dalam RM40.

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