Selasa, 30 November 2010

I'll Change The Gear

There are times we have to change direction...

In our life there are times we have to change direction, change our perspectives and change our decision..

I will call it as changing the gear.. Sometimes we have to increase the gear to go faster.. Sometimes we have to reduce the gear to climb up the hill. Sometimes we stop when we are facing troubles in front.

This is what we called as life. We, human, keep on changing to stay alive..

To keep on change for better, what I need is hope.

The hope and the dreams that I sealed in my heart, God knows the best.

Rather than me running to it I chose walking. Walking made me aware things better..

So, take one pace on another, keep on moving, with hope I'll be there..

Fariza, keep on moving, do it, do it better.

Hey, I will change the gear !!

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