Khamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Writing and Publishing

Search for a book that can help you writing a scientific paper? This book is not the best choice but it is indeed a good reference for you to start writing.

This book, however best fit to those who want to write scientific paper on public health. Even though I am not a researcher in Public Health, after reading the whole book it is indeed helping me to start doing something for my scientific paper.

The book gives practical advice on all of the major types of papers in Public Health and the Health sciences. It started with basic considerations of writing a scientific paper, teach readers to outline a typical paper, writing a review and a lot of useful information for researchers.

Writing and publishing a scientific paper have become an important requirement for Masters and PHD student in University Malaya lately. Lecturers and Professors also need to publish ISI paper.. So, this book is a big help for us..

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