Isnin, 16 Ogos 2010

Me, Malaysian during Ramadhan

It’s been a week of Ramadhan and all Muslims around the world were performing fasting during the day and doing special prayers called tarawih during the night. It also happens here in Malaysia, where the mosque full with the peoples compared to usual months.

Lesson 1: Be Grateful!

Even though it’s only a week of Ramadhan, there are lots of things happen all around us. As for me, on the first day of Ramadhan It seem like I was being teach by Allah that we have to be grateful with what we have. On the way to the TNB mosque to break the fast, we are comparing the food being prepared by the entire mosque around PJ and Bangsar. Without our intention we said something bad about the food being prepared by a mosque at PJ (huhu If I mention the section you must know it!).

We arrived at TNB mosque just after the adzhan after going through a heavy traffic jam. Usually TNB prepared a lot of food but on the first day it is not enough because they prepared it only for 200 peoples so there is no food left for us at all. The best part is we also have to share kurma (means there are only 3 kurma for 5 peoples!) and no drinks were left at all. Lesson number one is being grateful girls! All of us end up having dinner at Riang Riang restaurant then came back to TNB for the tarawih.

Lesson 2: Only Allah knows best..

Because of the bad first day experience, my friends and I set up an early coming to the mosque. We start the engine at 6pm from PJ to TNB mosque. When we arrived in front of DTC UM, all of us realised that we are too much earlier and there is no traffic jam at all. Yup! The road are clear..

Then we are listening to the radio, the DJ mention that the Malaysia meteorology department had reported that it is dry and hot for the whole fasting moth and it will rain heavily only during the first week of Hari Raya (eid ul-Fitri).

Yes, it is hot and dry for the first and second day of Ramadhan so we quite believe and felt anxious about the weather.

3rd day of Ramadhan, it was raining during the evening and it cancels out all the weather forecasts. It also rains on the next day and yesterday! We said among us that Allah is seemed to give us more lessons to us today. Lesson number two is predictions is only predictions and Allah know the best..


People always said this is the school of Ramadhan or this is the university of Ramadhan, for me it is more as an institute (pusat pemulihan akhlak) where we have to come no matter what to straighten our life. Please take everything that happen around us as a lesson that being given to us by Allah. By any chance Allah knows the best for us and it’s only we have to discover it ourselves.

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