Isnin, 12 Julai 2010

Say hooray to LRT!

Congratulation to all womens in Malaysia for the special koc for us. It reminds me the discussions that we made among SIGMA members last year about it. We trying to make a memorandum of the women koc but unable to pursue the idea due to time consuming.

Being a women in Malaysia where most of us are working and using public transport, a special koc do give us the comfort and the respect that we need.

There must be certain people will think that what is the purpose of giving the women a special koc? It is important to us since there are a lot of sexual harassment had been happen in the LRT koc that not being reported and it is hard to solve. Besides, this will help a lot of pregnant women.

Hooray to all womens in Malaysia! We are glad to be a Malaysian..

P/s- In Korea, the subway (LRT) have a special seating for the elders and the best part is nobody will try to sit there even though there is an empty seat..

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