Rabu, 7 Julai 2010


I went to a farming site just near Biotech village where I saw a few ajumma were harvesting potatoes and some vegetables. They were very happy and kind. I was offered with a boiled potato to be eat with them there.The tastes is very fresh and sweet.

We try to communicate and I used simple words that I know with them. Usually korean will ask me whether I am an Indonesian and I will answer "aniyo, Malaysia!! Kuala Lumpur!" hehe.. Mestila sayang kat negara sendiri kan?

The freshly harvested potatoes..

I'm holding a boiled potato that given to me. The ajuhssi try to smile.. hehe

The most funniest thing happen is I was being chased by the farmers dog. I am trying to avoid the dog to lick me. However it ends up he try to chase me to play and I scream very hard and makes the farmers laugh.. huhu

Biotech village..

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