Rabu, 14 Julai 2010

Astronomical Observatory

Last week, I went to Astronomical Observatory by myself without any companion. I did not plan to go alone but I am following my heart of doing it. Finally, I arrive there..

This Astronomical Observatory was situated on top of a hill and near to Inje University. It is possible to walk upthere from Inje and it takes about 2 hour by walking. I walk half way to there but end up asking for a car to fetch me there.

Busan citizens were known to be kind compared to Seoul citizen as I was told by my Korean friends that is why I am easily being fetch by one of the farmers to take me there with his car.

Around the Astronomical Observatory

Isnin, 12 Julai 2010

Say hooray to LRT!

Congratulation to all womens in Malaysia for the special koc for us. It reminds me the discussions that we made among SIGMA members last year about it. We trying to make a memorandum of the women koc but unable to pursue the idea due to time consuming.

Being a women in Malaysia where most of us are working and using public transport, a special koc do give us the comfort and the respect that we need.

There must be certain people will think that what is the purpose of giving the women a special koc? It is important to us since there are a lot of sexual harassment had been happen in the LRT koc that not being reported and it is hard to solve. Besides, this will help a lot of pregnant women.

Hooray to all womens in Malaysia! We are glad to be a Malaysian..

P/s- In Korea, the subway (LRT) have a special seating for the elders and the best part is nobody will try to sit there even though there is an empty seat..

Khamis, 8 Julai 2010

Hanok Traditional Village

Just near the King Suro's Tomb there is Hanok Traditional Village that we can try Korean traditional outfit.. All the three of them chose the queen outfit but I chose the warrior outfit hehe..

hehe.. hmm??

Diyanah the smallest queen!

I think Zati really have the attitude of a queen.. Queen that want to conserve the tradition..

The only warrior wearing tudung!

Macam patung.. hehe

Prince and the queen..

Pay respect of each other...

Berlatih pedang kat atas pelantar...

Tepi bilik..

Don't you dare to touch me! Ya!!

King Suro's Tomb

Last Saturday we went to Royal Tomb of King Suro where it is one of historical place found around Gimhae. It is believes that King Suro died at the age of 158 in 199. The tomb were specially built as a remembrance of the kingdom.

There are map in front of the place but all them were written in Korean. However, it is a relieved that the info about the tomb were written in English.

Main entrance..

Traditional game..

Open place that usually filled with ceremony on certain day...

Standing in front the King Suro's Tomb..

The hill is the Tomb!


Rabu, 7 Julai 2010


I went to a farming site just near Biotech village where I saw a few ajumma were harvesting potatoes and some vegetables. They were very happy and kind. I was offered with a boiled potato to be eat with them there.The tastes is very fresh and sweet.

We try to communicate and I used simple words that I know with them. Usually korean will ask me whether I am an Indonesian and I will answer "aniyo, Malaysia!! Kuala Lumpur!" hehe.. Mestila sayang kat negara sendiri kan?

The freshly harvested potatoes..

I'm holding a boiled potato that given to me. The ajuhssi try to smile.. hehe

The most funniest thing happen is I was being chased by the farmers dog. I am trying to avoid the dog to lick me. However it ends up he try to chase me to play and I scream very hard and makes the farmers laugh.. huhu

Biotech village..

Jumaat, 2 Julai 2010

Wishing Come True..

My best roommate, Syud, asked me to take pictures of spider here.. I try, but the quality is quite low since I am using digital camera.. I think there are 2 species that I found for the whole 1 hour search around Biotech village..hehe.. Syud, recognize them and tell me the species..