Sabtu, 26 Jun 2010

I Believe

Dear God,

I wonder, I wonder and I wonder..

how far I can go?

I have the rise before

then, I fall much

I am falling more

again and again

Sometime I drown in tears,

I lost my gears,

and the sky seem never clears

But I believe in You

Still believe

You that is the only You

The art of your kindness,

The way of your forgiveness,

When we lose,

You give us more,

when I cry the most,

You make me laugh of it more

oh God,

me dearest God,

now I believe more,

More than before...

Gimhae city

p/s- My dearest friends, from the bottom of my heart I believe that you know what I means with the poem above. All of you have seen the pain before.. The scar was still carving in my heart. It was healed but the cut was deep and it leaves me with the scar. I think Allah give me more medication to erase the scar so I will boldly face the world after this.

pp/s- Ah.. I'm crying writing this post..

4 ulasan:

syuhadah dzarawi berkata...

ai, ada orang da start homesick ka? haha!

Ajip.. berkata...

Eh ko da balik dari pulau? huhu

bintu zul berkata...

If u hard in the beginner of ur life, it will b easy later on. Keep struggling. Ganbate!! =)

Ajip.. berkata...

Arigato ne..Nabiil..

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