Selasa, 22 Jun 2010


We took off from the KLIA a little bit late from the exact schedule but we still arrive Incheon, Seoul earlier than the estimated time. Alhamdulillah, we arrived at Busan at 9.50 even though earlier we quite confuse to find the direction to the departure terminal for domestic flight.

Me, Zati and Diana meet at the KLIA. All of us came separately.

Taking pictures in front the International departures gate.

We have to take the airport bus when we arrived at Busan. It is colder here compared to Malaysia even though it is summer now.

In front of the domestic departures gate at Incheon International Airport.

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khairul h. berkata...

So how long will you be in Korea?

Ajip.. berkata...

Only a month, 22June to 21July..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

kak pija is the most excited person in taking pictures : )

Ajip.. berkata...


Wan Nur Shuhada berkata...


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