Selasa, 4 Mei 2010

House Wife On Top

I love the way Allison write about the friendship that works around the novel itself. It just seem natural and lovely.

I surely said that the starting of the novel was quite boring and made me want to stop reading, however when you reach deep inside the book and you seem to know the character of Helen, Rick, Julia, Sara, Marcus, David, Leonii and just want to read more about them..

However, maybe with the crowded character inside the books just make you confused at first then it just the characters itself make up the story..

What I love the most?

1. When Leoni said 'I blame the government.' then continue with ' I'm going to write to those tossers in Downing street and tell them exactly what they can do with their child-friendly policies. It's no wonder kids turn out the way they do these days.'

It is just funny because she can't buy a school shirts just because the mall was stuck with Christmas stuff...

2. When Rosa's cat, Babushka were unexpectedly being killed accidentally by Helen.. It was hilarious!

Overall, I do agree with Allison that it is always the women that made up the festive season a festival since usually the women gone for shopping, it is always only women struggle to cook, most of the time women think about the gifts, the guest lists, the children clothes.. Everything!


Is there any MALE species beg to disagree?

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