Isnin, 3 Mei 2010

Heartbreak Library

Jun Oh ask something to Eun Soo.. (Heartbreak library)

I abandoned my laptop a week.. and left alone the internet..

A joyous week with families.. hehe..

Hey, during me holiday I watch this kind of movie called Heartbreak Library.

I love the movie a lot..

The movie started when Eun Soo, a librarian girl, sees Jun Oh tearing certain page of several books and accuses him of vandalism. Then she found out that he only tearing off page 198 of all the books. So she thought that Jun Oh is crazy or psychotic.

Only then, a man that get a sudden epilepsy were saved by Jun Oh, Eun Soo believed that Jun Oh is not crazy and must have a reason for tearing up the pages.

She discovers that there's a complex story behind his actions.

It occurs that Jun Oh's girlfriend, who was a bibliophile and checked out books regularly at the library had suddenly left him with only a mysterious note that says "Look up page 198". Because of the strange note, Jun Oh goes to the same library and tear out page 198 from every book he comes in touch.

Seeing Jun Oh despair for not knowing why the women he loved left him, Eun Soo start to help him find the hidden message on page 198.

The movie has a beautiful scene, funny and touching..

This is the joke that Eun Soo tell Jun Oh while they are travelling to meet Jun Oh's girlfriend..

What are a book and a lover were in common?

Find it out by yourself when you watch the movie.. hehe

p/s: I wish I am a librarian...

2 ulasan:

enod berkata...

Kenapa dia koyak page 198????wat suspen jerr...bagitau ek???hehehe =)

Ajip.. berkata...


Kat page 198 ada satu mesej dari bekas kekasih dia. Mesej tu akhirnya membawa penemuan yang menyentuh hati.. huhu mesti tengok sendiri citer ni..

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