Isnin, 15 Mac 2010

We are What we Read?

People always said that we are what we read and I am agree with the statement. However, for me the most accurate statement is "We are What We Write"..

When we read something it does become our knowledge but to be sure who we are is what is our own stand about what we read and here comes the writing part.

To know the person mind is trough what they are writing about. The topics that they being written for. What is their opinion about something. What they are believe in on any issue. The point is someone writings does represent the writers toughts. That explain why there are a lot of politician were involved in writing, whether they were writing through blogging, writing in newspaper, even books it doesn't matter.

I kind of person that love to observed and explore politician thoughts and mind. Here explains the genre of book being read by me. However, you can explore what are my stands about any issue were trough my writing.

Even though I believe that most of the politician did not write all the articles by themselves, for me they are doing the right thing by expressing their thought trough writing.

Back to the topic, I am encouraging peoples to write more and write from their heart. Do not save your ideas without telling them to peoples. We are in a century where we are free to voice out. Is it true? Ops, I don't think this is accepted here.

Ok, Malaysia do not support the freedom of media, however we as Malaysian must keep on changing and speak up! We are what we write...

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