Selasa, 23 Mac 2010

Visiting Library to release Stress..

Haha.. I am in the library and writing this..

Stress and unhappy always bring me here..

I was hoping to become a librarian in my future.. maybe when I'm in my late 50's..

Hmm.. or maybe I can just build a library, a huge library in my own house and fill it with lots of books...

It just me and the books..

Books and me.. We live together happily ever after..

p/s- what am I writing about? This is just not me.. haha
pp/s- Stress? Stress? Stress?

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Syahadah al-Hafeezah berkata...

dik....! semangat3! maaflah kalau akak antara punca awak stress.. aasifah jiddan. chommal biyane..sumimasen.... :'/

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