Khamis, 11 Mac 2010

Karate Kid?

I watch a kind of old movie called Karate Kid 2. As we all know that karate film always showed us the discipline within the martial art. I am learning the language through the movie because they have a very good line.

In the film they showed us the flashback of karate kid 1, which tell us how the kid hero accidentally is being introduced with the sensei and how he have winning a trophy against the bad group.

Here comes karate Kid 2, the sensei receive a letter from her ex-girlfriend telling him that his father was very sick. The sensei actually fall in love with a girl that had been force to have a marriage arrangement by her parents. The broom is the sensei comrade and this triangle love made them have a grudge with one another. The comrade wanted a fight and he refuse to by went overseas to America. He left her girlfriend to prevent a fight.

Hehe this is the line that I like, the boy ask his sensei why he do not fight for her girl. The sensei answer:

“Never put passion before principle. Even if win, you lose.”

It is quit interesting to learn that discipline do affect our own decision, this explain how good people prevent themselves from receiving bribes, this also explains why we need religion and believes.

On the other hand, the boy do really respect his sensei and this is one of the discipline that student nowadays should learn and practice. Recently we have to agree that students are lacking of attitude and not respecting their teachers and lecturer. Without respect the knowledge that they gain also lack of soul since they will not really put the knowledge in their heart.

Another scene that touch my heart is when the sensei and the boy meet the ex-girlfriend at Okinawa, he ask her when did she know his address. Then she said she know it a quit long time ago. Follow the conversation:

Sensei: Why you never write?

Ex- Girlfriend: I respect your silence..

How come she can say something like that? After watching it, it is a kind of custom that being teaches by the martial art followers to respect other people decision. If they want to go far away from the martial art world, their decision is respected and they do not contact each other without the one who go is the first to start it.

Finally, hehe I am not finishing the movie after all, maybe after writing this I will continue watching...

What so ever, sharing is caring...

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