Khamis, 11 Mac 2010

Family is the key for good society.

In Islam, the family was ordained by Allah as the right way for us to live with and care for each other. Maintaining a family needs constant work, compassion, a sense of duty and order and a willingness to sacrifice freedom and selfish enjoyment. It is thus the basis of the moral and social values of society at large. However, lately the social values of our society seems to be lacking instead it is seem to be neglected.

Father usually refuse to show their love to his children when they are older..

The most important person in a family is the parents. Father is the leader of a family which also carry along him the responsibility for support the household that is intended as the safe heaven for those in his care. He has to be the role model for their children and guide along their wife to the right way. Father must lead the prayer in the house and teach his children good virtues.

Despite of it, mother is the heart of a family. If the heart is not functioning the whole house will considered as dying. A home that is sanctum of a good mother is a blessed home. The Prophet taught that paradise lay at the feet of mothers, and they should always be treasured. To be truth, what kinds of mother that the prophet means are? Mothers who neglecting their children, are they considered as one of them? Mother who killed their own babies? Who does the prophet means?
Nowadays we are loss in the questions. This is what exactly happens to our real world which showed us that mothers are not functioning their role. A mother should know the condition of her children and listen to them. Without listening and lacking of communication are one of the main cause of the social problems that happen lately. Besides of lack of love, children nowadays also faced lack of understanding in their own religion. Those who involved in social problems usually have low Islamic education which leads them into the wrong pathway.

We have to admit that we are live in the modern world that for most of the children now, it is the screen that rules. The television, the video, the DVD, internet and the computer are being enjoyed by our children freely. With or without our control the children had been exposed too much information which can be negative or positive. Lately, I learn that my youngest sister seems to have a more mature mind compared to the other siblings when they are at the same age like her. She’s been using vocabulary that usually being used by the elders. Without our controls the children nowadays are fast forwarding and we have to catch up on them. Here comes the solution that we have to make use of technologies to educate our family.

What happen actually in the family is the lack of communication and too much of individual time compare of family time. Modern parents tend to let their children to do their own activities in their own room with computers and the internet in their hand. The parents also actually wanted the time of them to be alone because of their stacks of works to be done. The technologies now rule the children and we are helping it to happen. We should spend qualities time together by watching good movies and shared our view together with them. By sharing thought we can learn and understand our own children. We can understand what are their passions, personal view, the persons that influence them the most and gradually make them believes and shared with us their problems.

After all, the most important point that we should understand is the family is a unit from the society. If the society is build up with good families it will lead the society to the good pathway. Bad family bring about bad society. Be prepared and change now for a better tomorrow.

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