Rabu, 3 Februari 2010

Too Much Doubt With e-Voting

I am part of the students that believe the system being used does have a lot of doubt.

Firstly I am quite confused why did the systems are not blocking the first page after the voters finished voting. For me, this will allowed those who are trying to cheat to vote another time by taking 2 or more matrics number and no pin. Even though it is quite impossible to be done because they have to cooperate with the staff in charge, who we can rely on to make sure that they are really free from cheating?

2. Why the flow of voting is different from each of the voting centre?

a. Fc Sc, APM and FSKTM- they give the pin number that being written by the staff and the student who wanted to vote can have a look to the screen that showing the pin number.

b. FPP and FEP- they are told by the staff to write the pin number by their own self with the provided paper and thay are not able to see the screen that showing their identity and pin number.

c. 8th College- however they can take the pin number by conducting the computer by their own self and not being conducted by the staff.

How come a system have different flow for an election that being done in the same day at the same university?

3. If you are conducting an e-system, make it all electronics or it is a rubbish system! why writing the number using a ball pen? Print the pin number so we can see the system does have its own integrity.

4. Even the system should check the matric card using the system, scan the card like in the exam hall. If not, do not dream to make an e-system.

5. Since the votes are not be so secret anymore, make the screen larger so we can see who are being voted.

6. Show the voting index! The voting index will help us to know how much people had being voted and how many voters at any moment. You want an e-system? For me, this is an e-system.

Please, we, students are not stupid enough that we will accept what ever system that you want to applied on us.

Do you get a shorter time of elections day? You are wrong..

It takes few more days with the objection!


However.. Please NC... keep the promise.. there are a lot of mistakes that not being stated here but there are mistakes with the system.. "LETAK JAWATAN" la...

p/s: Orang yang dihormati, Orang yang Pegang pada JANJInya. Jangan jadi MELAYU yang Lupa... (eh macam kata-kata GERAK=UMNO lak..) ADIOS..

pp/s: If I am not one of Pro-M, I am sure enough to object the system.. Even rich country did not applied the system..