Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

The conspiracy behind the name of ALLAH

I am nobody, I am not a politician and I am Malaysian. A muslim Malaysian.

I consider myself as an eye opener.

The issues about the name of Allah does being hotly debated lately.. I am not going to put myself one of those who support the idea or one of those who against the idea.

To be more precise, I want all of Malaysian to take part into our own brain and think why do these issue had been raised now?

After one of the church attack, there is another temple being attacked.. To be pessimist, I believe there is more attack at the religious place after this. More masjid and church maybe..

Here comes into my mind the conspiracy behind the issue. The history of our country does tell us a lot what happen when the country is not in a stable state. The outsider will come and claim to lend a hand to help us.

However, they come to us not with a single hand; they came with another hand that is full of agenda. Again, we, Malaysian never learn from the history. Not the history that being spindled by those who thinks that they can lie to the people about their own root but the history that told us the truth.


How our Sultan had been fooled by the British and let our country govern by the resident?

They make a lot of conspiracy and urge the sultan to receive the British Resident.

One of the events that stuck in my memory is the killing of one of British citizen known as Go Hui that made the British to urge Pahang to receive one of their residents. The point is the killing of Go Hui had been done just outside of the Sultan Ahmad (Sultan Pahang) castle. Besides at the same time the sultan just refused to received the British resident. It is indeed a conspiracy of the British!

Hey, remember how Selangor receive a British Resident? Tengku Kudin ask for the British help in order to fight against Raja Mahadi, this war had been known as Perang Klang. Tengku Kudin won and the British urge Sultan Abdul Samad to receive one of The British Resident but he refused. Again there are a few event happen; on 1873 there is an attack of one of the British ship and on 1874 the British lighthouse at Tanjung Rachado had been under attack too. Finally the Sultan had been force to receive the Resident. I believe the attacks were part of the British conspiracy.

Back to the issue of Allah’s name, what actually happen behind the scene?

For me, the people involved do want to make our country become unstable and release their agenda.

Finally we Malaysian must be not too emotional in this issue, be fair and wise. The Christian should think why some of the Muslims did not allow you to use Allah as God translation. Also the Muslims also must understand the issue deeply before saying anything.

For me, the issue is who is behind the scene? Who are applauding while we hating each other? The Question is Who?

p/s: I am not wise enough to know who, but we have to think about it!

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sam berkata...

everything that happened..has something lying under it..
we have to be wise enough to not be the one who always be taken advantage on..

p/s:critical thinking applies here.

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