Ahad, 26 April 2009

You Speak English?

Behave yourself..

I am quit confuse with some peoples who try to sell things to peoples but not behave like to do it.

I'm sorry Linguaphone.. your staff are quit annoying and rude..

I am just arrive at PWTC and as I entered the building I had been approached by a few person that ask me to listen to Linguaphone promotion and I refuse hear it.

Again, in the building there are some saleswomen that asking me to hear them and again I am refusing by saying "It's Ok, Its OK" and went inside the nearest booth.

Again, I was shocked that she was mimicking what I have said and saying that I only know how to said It's OK, It's OK but didnt know how to speak English, and she raised her voice just to make me clearly listen to what she said..

I am very angry to hear them, but still confuse how can they sell those Rubbish with that RUBBish attitude?

What? How? Ish, Ish Ish never do this at home..or everywhere..Its prohibited..

Again, reminder to those who deal people to get their money.. Deal with people cleverly and you will be respected.. and easily get their money happily.

What so ever, dealing with people is harder than dealing with animals.. Just animals deal with animals attitude..

BUT, this is really a very good experience because I am writing it just now.. Haha.

(P/S- Jangan ingat orang pakai tudung lebih sikit tak reti cakap bahasa Inggeris, anda silap dengan kenyataan tersebut dan lebih teruk kalau anda tanya saya orang Kelantan dan ingat saya tak reti berbahasa Inggeris, bekas NC UM orang kelantan dan reti berbahasa Inggeris..So?)

Rabu, 1 April 2009

Having Friends is Cool

What is the title?

Ops, actually this is the article for those who I consider as Friends.....

Those who I consider friends, I am really miss all of you no matter where you are.

Hey friends, thanks for giving me the chance to be part of your life.

This is a big thanks for you..

1. Who borrowed me your laptops or computer. (Too many, Annur,K.annie, k.Aju, Ude, Naabil, K.Ani, K.Aisyah(ur computer is cool!!), Aiman, K. Wan, K.Lah, Mekja, Syud, K.Ira, MUMU, K. Sabil and those who not mention here) My lab report and assingment were sent on time because of you...

2. Those who once give me a ride to go anywhere... ( ur car is cool.. and because too many I just mention here just like above and more.. (k.Mayah, K.Is, K.Siti, K. Ainom, K. Fatin(PHM),K.Pah, K.Rai, K. Pipah, K.miza, K. Basirah wow too many) Dont worry ur motorcycle also cool ( fatin Nasibah, Fitrah, K.Nas, Syud biomed, K.syidah, K.Zilah, ish2 too many)

3. Those who give me anything, something and even advicing me.. ( again all those that I know is all of you, no matter PMIUM gangs. Aspirasi friends, Biotechs gangs, GAMIS gangs, Sc Students, Asasi gangs, Yusuffian gangs, Za'bahan, all of you...) Included boys..

4. Those who only give your best smiles to me... (hey it do give me inspiration!!)

All of you, I Thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to be part of all of you...

P/s- Those who read this, this is also included you...

(I dont Know why.. May be the time has come for me to be thankfull......)