Rabu, 16 Disember 2009

I am Malaysian

This is just a piece of opinion of me about Malaysia.
I am indeed a Malaysian. I born here and live here until now ( haha no chance to go another country..) But still I believe my lovely country is the best place that I should stay.
Most of us praise their own country.. It is normal and usually based on our long experience living there.. and I am part of those people who love their own country.
However, I am sad with those who still believe that our Malaysian Chinese community and our Indian community does not feel the same like us the Malays.. Hello.. They also part of us! They are Malaysian and I believe that they also have the same feeling as I am about my beloved country.
To be truth, when I am still schooling at SMK Sultan Yussuf, I made friends with all races. Yap Wai Sean, Edwind, Bala, Viki and me have good time together. We purely being friends like there are no barrier between us.
It is different here in the university.. All the races made their own community. They only believes their own race. We are not mingle around among the races and I am confused why does this happen when we become adult.
Where is the pure heart that we have when we sit together and eat together at the school?
We never have bad impression about other races in school.
I love my Chinese chemistry teacher and still looking forward of seeing him.
I love my Indian history teacher and still amaze with a lot of facts that she told me.
I am having great time spending years at Sultan Yussuf!
How come we are being separated too much at the university?
Purely from my heart, I hope we as Malaysian should trust each other and shape the future of our beloved country, Malaysia.

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sam berkata...

i think, the barrier between us is the language we speak. when communicating, either malays, chineses nor indians tend to use their mother tongue not english.

learning each other language would be good and beneficial, but how many people are willing to do so..?
i am malaysian, and i'm proud of it.

Ajip.. berkata...

Hey sam,
I'm surely agree with you..
We have to learn each other language..

With lack of communication we are not understand each other..

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