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I found this book at the library and my eye catch the funny cartoon cover.

I bet you will agree with me that this book is really funny and interesting to read.

Yup! It is not a heavy reading and I suggest to those who having big headache and facing the most tension life in their day try to read this book.

I can say that some of the jokes are really wise and make me think.

Here, I put one of the funniest humour from the book. ( I am smiling writing this!)


It had been a while since the children of the village played a trick on Pak Him.

One day as Pak Him was conducting his usual classes in Qur'an reading and moral behavior, some of his students in the back row began to snicker.

Pak Him knew they were hatching a mischievous plan, but he continued teaching as though he was none the wiser.

Towards the end of class Pak Him asked the students if they had any questions. seeing that this was an opportunity, one of the miscreants at the back of the class raised his hand. "O teacher, would it be in conformity with the Islamic principles of good behavior if one were to eat in the bathroom?"

The student who asked the qustion knew that it was not, but he wanted to show his friends that he was able to confound the clever teacher.

Pak Him smiled wryly and answered, " Of course you may eat in the bathroom my boy, but brush your teeth before you come out or people may think you were eating shit."

Haha so funny!
There are also illustrations added altogether with some of the stories which make the book is a really fun book to read.

The book had been written by Syed ali Tawfik Al-Attas and published by MPH publishing.
You can buy it by spending only RM12 for the book.

So long for now, and enjoy reading..

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sam berkata...

haha..this book is a funny stuff.
i borrowed it from a friend of mine and indeed it has something to share with everyone..

Ajip.. berkata...

Sharing is caring Sam.. haha
Hope to share more..

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