Ahad, 6 Disember 2009

Feel Lucky If I'm Rich Now!

HUGE sales.. BUT no MONEY..

I am penniless at the Bad Big Book Sales..

Huhu I spent a lot but still feel really bad of not buying more than that especially after I went to kinokinuya today..

The book prices indeed have a very huge different and uncomparable!

So, I adore those who having the Credit Card just now and pick almost 4 boxes of books!

However, I am lucky of being there at the Amcorp Mall as early 10.30a.m on the first day and buy worth books.. with cheap prices..

p/s- HUhu I Just Want More MONEY!

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sam berkata...

i do feel the same.
i wish i have enough money now to grab all the books that i want..huhu
semester break = no allowance

Ajip.. berkata...


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