Sabtu, 7 November 2009

Haruki Murakami; UNDERGROUND

I was amaze with this book, as usual I am a bibliografic lover fell in love with this book.

Underground tell us the real stories behind the underground train attack that happened in Tokyo, Japan.

Haruki Murakami gives us the real testimony of the person involved..

The attack killed 12 persons and caused a lot of peoples suffered side effects of the attacks.

It was written nicely and connected nicely.

Each person being interviewed personally and this give us different aspects of the tragedy and made us to imagine it clearly.

Overall, for me it is a special book to read for those who want to understand more about the tragedy, how Japanese think, peoples reaction on a sudden attack and much more.

p/s: I borrowed UNDERGROUND from UM's Library, so I am not sure where you can get it..

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