Isnin, 26 Oktober 2009

My Father's Notebook

I started reading the book before raya and I manage to finish it two weeks after raya..

Yes, the story started slow and hard to be understand at first.

But, to be truth after pages by pages the story became more interesting after I start to understand Kader Abdullah style of writing.

"My Father's Notebook" do bring us to discover the life of Iranian before and after the Khomeini.

Kader Abdullah does have it own way to tell story about a person life, or maybe his personal life.

It is quite interesting when a mute deaf father communicate trough his children especially the son. Hence, the son seem to be very part of his father and the son do feel he was part of his father.

However, the father do have his own planning about the son and start to send his son to school. The son grown up as an educated person and further studies to the capital city.

The story after that became more interesting, where the involvement of the son with the secret society or underground movement to change the Shah government.

One interesting part of the book is it was started with surah al-kahfi and eventhough I am really not sure why he did it, maybe it have the connection with the one of the cave that being visited by the deaf mute father. It is still one thing to discover about this book.

I do believe you will be more close to Iranian history after reading the book.

The book was written in Dutch and tranlated by an english women, and I can surely conform it was translated beautifully.

Try to enjoy the book.. (to be truth I do not really like the son because he did'nt pray and perhaps an atheis..)

But still this is one of my reading stuff..

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