Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

The Budget, How the Government is Spending OUR Money!

I went to a forum about budget at the Chinese Assembly Hall just a few day before and I bought this book "The BUDGET. How the Government is spending OUR money".

This book is the best helper for those who are unfamiliar with those complicated budget terms and it do really an eye opener for us about how the government run our money.

I am reading it now. Just do not want all of you miss the info about it..

Try to catch it up! the issue was all around now..

Here I put the details.. (lucky me, I buy it just for 15 ringgit.. Thanks to the forum orginizer)

Author: Teh Chi-Chang
Publisher: REFSA
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9789834462963
106 pages

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diktatormedia berkata...

Salam ziarah & salam ta'aruf. Jemput ke blog ana N mohon tunjuk ajar. Sama2 kita lebarkan jaringan dakwah.

subtlefortitude berkata...


is the book a factual book bout the economy?

..or is it more on unveiling what our government has been doing with our money that most people don't know? :-)

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