Rabu, 2 September 2009

Very Few Posting Lately..

Rhizome of Alpinia conchighera

influorescence flower of Alpinia conchighera
(teken by ME, creative? )

Sorry for not being so updated..

I am 'playing' with Alpinia sp. lately

HUHU Project on progress...

Selasa, 1 September 2009

Ask Me No Questions, and I Tell You No Lie..

Those who called themselves as 'minister' or 'ex-minister' and politician also NGO's must be able to say the title of this posting..

This is my little advice.. Please do not give opinion on something that you are not informed with or you do not know.

Yes! Simple and easy.. If not you will be look so stupid and your talks are rubbish..

Hmm, maybe this is a little expression of mine about certain views that being thrown by some of our well known person in Malaysia about Kartika..

But here, I dont have anything to comment about her, just mentioning it here to give a clear clue what am I talking about.

40 years our country lead by a 'Wierdo'

A 'wierdo' who mention this country is an Islamic country, but do not understand the purity of being a Muslim is understanding the Noble Quran and al-hadith.

A 'wierdo' who does have his own agenda for the country..

A 'wierdo' who is still 'barking' and 'echoing' his voice no where hoping people will listen to him, and yes there are 'stupido' who listen to him..

A 'wierdo' who now is supporting the head of the country that reflect him as well.

What a long journey that we have to expell the 'wierdo' by handling another 'wierdo' now..

Please, "ONE MALAYSIA" or with my own better word, 'whole Malaysian' must be aware with those 'Wierdo'..


Haha, change your vote for a beautifull full moon next time.. just an advice.. huhu

p/s- I think Perakian always love Engineer.. (so, do you?)