Ahad, 19 Julai 2009

Teoh Beng Hock and another "Suruhan" "Jaya" or "Suruhan Berbahaya"??

Bijan and Hamsor are part of malaysian future and they are having their own personal conversation.

Bijan: Beng Hock is such a lucky person. His death is one of the hottest conversation in our country you know..

Hamsor: Ya la... not only in our country, even the outsider also open their eyes for the issue. Then, they making another suruhanjaya..

Bijan: Suruhanjaya or "Suruhan Berbahaya"? You know la.. in Malaysia there too many "orang suruhan". So what is the purpose of another slave?

Hamsor: Hey, just give them a chance to try.. Let the "suruhan" do their job..

Bijan: hmm I agreed with you even there is another event "berbahaya" that happen in our country that we should give our intention..

Hamsor: What kind of event? H1N1?

Bijan: No la.. it's still ok. But the most "berbahaya" news is that Samy's nephew is joining in MIC!!

Hamsor: What? Ya, that is dengerous!

What so ever, (read Bijan and Hamsor from backwards).. Huhu..

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