Ahad, 19 Julai 2009

Teoh Beng Hock and another "Suruhan" "Jaya" or "Suruhan Berbahaya"??

Bijan and Hamsor are part of malaysian future and they are having their own personal conversation.

Bijan: Beng Hock is such a lucky person. His death is one of the hottest conversation in our country you know..

Hamsor: Ya la... not only in our country, even the outsider also open their eyes for the issue. Then, they making another suruhanjaya..

Bijan: Suruhanjaya or "Suruhan Berbahaya"? You know la.. in Malaysia there too many "orang suruhan". So what is the purpose of another slave?

Hamsor: Hey, just give them a chance to try.. Let the "suruhan" do their job..

Bijan: hmm I agreed with you even there is another event "berbahaya" that happen in our country that we should give our intention..

Hamsor: What kind of event? H1N1?

Bijan: No la.. it's still ok. But the most "berbahaya" news is that Samy's nephew is joining in MIC!!

Hamsor: What? Ya, that is dengerous!

What so ever, (read Bijan and Hamsor from backwards).. Huhu..

Selasa, 14 Julai 2009

Hijjaz, Raihan, Rabbani and Shoutul Harakah!!

Hmm this is a shout announcement to those who still uninform about our grand concert...

Have you ever went to a concert where they give you the story behind it?

Have you ever went to a concert that bring along Raihan, Rabbani, Hijjaz and Shoutul Harakah together?

Now you have the chance to be with us in the concert.. Konsert antara Dunia!

They are the best Nasyid's artist ever in Malaysia..

And for those who never ever heard about Shoutul Harakah, they are the singer of jihads song such as 'Merah Saga', 'Derap Keadilan', 'Palestina Tercinta', and many more..

Hurry buy the tickets!!

If not you will be regret it..

Here I put one of the song of Shoutul Harakah, Merah Saga..


Saat Langit Berwarna Merah Saga
Dan Kerikil Perkasa
Meluncur Laksana Puluhan Peluru
Terbang Bersama Teriakan
Semua Menjadi Saksi
Atas Langkah Keberanianmu
Kita Juga Menjadi
Atas Keteguhanmu
Ketika Yahudi-yahudi Membantaimu
Berkesimbah Di Tanah Airmu
Mewangi Harum Genangan Darahmu
Membebaskan Bumi
Jihad Palestina
Perjuangan Tlah Kau Bayar Dengan Jiwa
Syahid Dalam

Jumaat, 10 Julai 2009

Rejuvenasi Pendidikan Islam? What?

Ha, those who still blur with the title can search trough Google or any kind of search engine to understand it.

I am not going to give you the answer..

But here I would like to discuss with you about our education system.Why does we always labeling some subject is important while the others are not?

I give an example, we always said that it is important to learn Math, Science and English, for me it is true. But, we must always remember that the other subject is also important or we should say more important especially Islamic education.

Without a strong Islamic education or on the other words is without a faith to the One God, we are nothing or useless in this world.

And without YOU going to the 'Kongres Pertama Rejuvenasi Pendidikan Islam' tomorrow.. It is useless for me to write this short article.

Haha.. What So Ever, All the Best K. Muna and the Gang for such a hard effort and struggle for the event. Check it out by yourself!!