Sabtu, 13 Jun 2009

Perakian meets Kelantanese??

Who said Perakian cannot be one of the kelantanese best friend?
Some people said that kelantanese always prefered to have a kelantanese friends only..
Is it true?

Shima(Perakian), Wani (Kelantanese), Wee (Pahang) and Hasni (Sabahan)

Haha.. there are several of my closed friends were Kelantanese.. and here I have my own answer.
What about you? Do you have any experiences that you want to share?

With Umi, Hajah and Friends at Puspanita's AGM
Here, I am sharing it with you...
For this two weeks I was being located at Kota Bharu and meet my friends who also in their industrial training. The fact is that they are kelantanese..
Here, Perakian meets Kelantanese..
Hmm.. Actually it is true that I have some communication problem at Gua Musang for the early weeks before we fit in the situation.

But in Kota Bharu, we are being more close to the true colours of Kelantanese..

What so ever, every one has its intrepetition of something.. and for me it's just make me understand the richness in type of human in this world. (haha.. ayat berlapik..)
Thats why Allah told us to meet other peoples and knows each other thats why Allah creats peoples different from one and another.
Haha actually it is not the main point.. The points is that I was in KB..
Here we are located at the lab and there are a few units under the lab which we are being divided into 3 groups and rotating between us for all units.
There are about 8 units that consist of Parasitology, Patology, Bacteriology, Virology, Serology, Media, Foot-and-Mouth disease lab (FMD) and KAV (Kes Awam Varterinar).

In KAV Lab

Hmm.. being in KB really make me miss Gua Musang so much..

We are destine to be a truly Gua Musang community..
Gua Musang.. Please wait for us..

4 ulasan:

Wan Nur Shuhada berkata...

hm...everyday is a lesson...seems like u were sooo happy being there uh?

neway, thx 4 sharing...i'm quite disappointed that i can't be there that day...

make it as a meaningful moment in ur life...i'm still waiting 4 ur come back...=)

best tgok berkata...

waa..cantik sume awek tudung labuh ni..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hualoh... buat experiment xpakai lab coat... bahaya nih... muslimat, sila beri contoh yang baik ye...


pija, gambar with umi tu, tong air tu kak mayah ingatkan tong liquid nitrogen..haha...all teh best 4 ur final project...visit my blog yar..:)

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