Jumaat, 5 Jun 2009

Gua Musang and Me...

Here I put some of my daily diary in Gua Musang..

Don't feel bored... It's just an experience of me.. And this is my Blog..
So I write my story..
( Ha Ha (^_^) )

12 Mei

Today, we actually do not really know what will happen and because this is our first day in the office all of us just waiting for the officer to give us anything that we can do.

After waiting about half an hour (now it was 9! and we arrive at the office about 8.30 am) En Wan asking us to follow him..

And here we are.. at the Chicken hut..

Here we give some advice to the owner about his chicken..

The owner and its chicken..

Then, we went to Ladang Kelapa Matag to give injections of folligon to the sheep and take off CIDR that have been put on about 7 days..

The Cute sheep..

En Fuad injects the sheep

It's Me, holding a sheep and wearing Pro-M t-shirt..

(thats all for today..)

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