Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

'Gua Musang' here I am

Hmm.. it's been a period of time that I am not posting anything to the only blog of mine.

The reason is.. I am not being able to reach any internet connection around my workplace..

Hey, but I still can have it once a week here if we go to the 'pekan GM'

And here is the story of mine, the story of an experience in an alien place.. My industrial training's experience.

Arrive at Gua Musang

I was taking the bus to go there and reach by 2.30p.m.

Syima holding Alia, Tuk Wan and me..

Tuk Ayah..

(uncle Sidek)

After waiting about half an hour, Tuk Ayah came together with my friends to pick me up.

We stay in Tuk Ayah house for a day... Tuk Ayah live at one of Kesedar village which I forgot the name with Tok Wan and their grandchildren Alia ..

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